Who and what is Dialogue NB

Dialogue NB is a non-profit organization, led by a volunteer board of directors, with a mandate to help the Province of New Brunswick to be a more socially cohesive community. The organization develops programs and initiatives to help inspire communities and individuals to live together in greater harmony – respecting and celebrating all people as valued members of society.

The ultimate hope is to contribute to the social cohesion of our province.


Imagine a New Brunswick where every person who lives here feels accepted, equal and understood. A place where people believe there is opportunity for all, and that every face is welcoming and every voice is heard and valued.

That’s the path and vision set forth by Dialogue NB.

It’s all about social cohesion.


A New Brunswick where every resident feels valued, heard and that they belong.


To champion and celebrate social cohesion through understanding, respect, and harmony among all New Brunswickers.

Dialogue NB does this by providing organizational, community and thought leadership.


One New Brunswick, together.


    1. Developing programs and initiatives that create a common sense of belonging for all New Brunswickers.
    2. Engaging all people and their communities in meaningful opportunities to contribute to the political, social, economic and cultural sustainability of New Brunswick.
    3. Promoting and facilitating effective partnerships that build capacity for civil society in New Brunswick.
    4. Actively participating, with various community stakeholders, in the questioning, revision and co-construction of New Brunswick’s social cohesion policies to ensure they are optimally adapted to the reality of today’s New Brunswick.