Our goal is to have 90% of New Brunswick Communities enrolled within five years.

  • To address social cohesion at a local level to accelerate the pace of change in New Brunswick.
  • Create a citizen led initiative that is endorsed by the city and supported by Dialogue NB.
  • Encourage communities to appoint a Dialogue leader and form a committee of 6-8 people.
  • We currently have 43 community officially enrolled and a dozen more in the process of joining.

The purpose of the Public Dialogues initiative is to create an inclusive and bilingual exchange space, and to allow the public to express themselves freely and with confidence. Topics discussed during the dialogues include:

  • Living Together
  • The celebration of social cohesion;
  • The reality and challenges of New Brunswick communities.

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The social cohesion laboratory is the exploratory aspect of the Youth component of Dialogue NB. It is both a virtual and physical space for young people aged 15 to 30 years of age to develop projects in our various communities in New Brunswick that are related to social cohesion, affecting economic, cultural, social and political aspects.

During a period of 7 months, the 7 young people who will be selected will be accompanied by Dialogue NB who offers personalized advice, mentoring, start-up funding to launch their projects as well as training in design thinking, prototyping and human- centered design. The benefits of this program are felt by the individual youth involved, as well as our communities since their projects are expected to be deployed as prototypes at the end of the program and to be self-sustaining.


Dialogue Schools Program:

  • With the support of Anne-Marie Colette, DNB has created a working group of experts in child pedagogy representing Indigenous, Francophone and Anglophone communities;
  • The objective of this working group was to define a pilot program that will be deployed in 2019-2020 in 6 schools (3 in the Kent region and 3 in the Miramichi area);
  • This program will be launched on September 20, 2019.


The objectives are clear and precise;

  • Identify common goals, shared values ​​and factors and mechanisms that define NB’s social cohesion;
  • Propose a social cohesion strategy;
  • Develop performance indicators;
  • Propose pilot projects aimed at fostering social cohesion in our province while identifying positive links between our communities.