Interested teams twinned through My Friend-Mon ami(e) can choose to participate in virtual exchanges which aim to (1) increase the amount of interaction between twinned students and twinned classes; (2) cultivate long-term friendships; and (3) encourage/promote cooperation between twinned students.

A virtual exchange can take the form of one-on-one interaction between twined students or can be class projects.  Participating teams are free to employ one or more means of virtual communication.

The following videos contain an introduction as well as 5 easy steps to organize a virtual exchange.  They also contain brief tutorials on how to use Photostory, Movie Maker, email, Wikispaces, Bridgit and Skype.

Photostory 7:14
Movie Maker 9:36
Email 3:49
Wikispaces 10:41
Bridgit 4:06
Skype 5:05