Five Steps to an Easy Virtual Exchange 1:56

Technology Options

The following options are different options to communicate with your twinned class online.


Skype can be used to talk with classes. These kinds of exchanges can be done in a group, or individual if both classes have access to a tech lab with webcams.


Emailing can be used as a form of communication between students. Students can either type up the emails and they can be sent via a teacher email or student’s school emails.


Photostory can be a great way to assemble final class projects. This tool allows you to collect and arrange pictures, add music, and captions.


MovieMaker allows for video clips and photos to play alongside music and voice tracks. This is also a great tool for the final project.


Bridgit allows you to host a meeting via your computer and share screens with other computers. This is useful if you wish to show your twinned class other information.


A wikispace can be useful to share information with your twinned teacher, twinned classes or individual twinned students.