Why didn't I receive the students’ list of my twin class? 
It happens occasionally that the registration forms are received by Dialogue New Brunswick without the students’ list.  We encourage the teachers to contact the teacher of their twin class to obtain a copy. You can at this time ask to indicate the boys and the girls to facilitate the twinning.

What is the procedure if a student is added to my class?
It is necessary to advise the teacher of your twin class so that together you can identify a pen-pal. If the number of students is not equal, certain students will have to correspond with more than one person.

What is the procedure if our class has not received anything from its twin class? 
The success of the project is closely related to the quality of communication between the teachers of the twinned classes.  We invite you to contact directly the teacher of your twinned class to discuss the matter.

Do we absolutely have to take the theme Our School, Our Community for our class project? 
The topic is flexible.  What is important is to exchange on a project which will motivate the other class and which will weave bonds between the linguistic communities.