My Dialogue Friend has three components:


Exchanges can be in the form of letters, drawings, or electronic communications such as videos, emails, via skype, etc.

See exchanges schedule and tech options below for more details.

Students are to write in their primary language unless both teachers agree otherwise.

Class Project

The class project is titled Our School, Our Community. Classes have full creative license over this project. The goal is to build a collective representation of your school community with the students. We suggest students appear in the final product (ie: pictures/videos) and wear name tags so their pen-pals can recognize them. We encourage you to start planning the project early and to monitor its progress.


Friends Meeting Friends is an opportunity for paired classes to meet. Teachers must fill out an application form by January 23rd, 2018. Dialogue New Brunswick will confirm acceptance of their application by February 20th and will follow-up with details. Please note there is limited space. Please refrain from telling students until you know you’ve been selected.

Please see the enclosed calendar for all dates.
Pairing Students

Students can be paired according to their interests in sports, hobbies, food, or other. In order to facilitate the pairing, students in the Anglophone sector are asked to complete the following procedure, during the week of October 23rd. The results are to be sent to the francophone class before the week is over.

Pairing procedure:
You will need a blank class list.

  1. List the attached hobbies and interests on the board or discuss them with your students. (This list is also available on the website under “How it works” if you’d like to show them via projector.
  2. Have your student pick the top three interests they hold form this list.
  3. Write each of these beside their name on a blank class list or have them write them.
  4. Double check to ensure all have interests listed.
  5. Send the class list with the interests to the Francophone teacher.

*See the attached page entitled “Pairing Interests”

Students can communicate either by exchanging letters, drawings or by various means of electronic communications. Please discuss and make arrangements with the teacher of your twinned class. Guidelines and tutorials for technology options can be found both online and in this document.

First Exchange

During their first exchange, students can focus on introducing themselves to their pen-pals. Students may also attach their school picture (optional).

Second Exchange

During their second exchange, students may talk about their community/city/town. Students may also attach a drawing of their community.

Other Exchange Topics

Favourite School Subject
Summer Plans
TV shows

We encourage you to monitor the exchanges closely for legibility and ensure that wording is not offensive. You should also set guidelines to encourage the use of appropriate language and grammar.