Communities Dialogue NB
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This program targets 104 communities in New Brunswick and aims to foster dialogue at the local level. In concrete terms, this program aims to create a provincial network of like-minded individuals who will be ready to contribute positively to the social cohesion agenda in their community.

Already 20 communities have indicated interest in participating in this initiative.

Dialogue New Brunswick is taking a decidedly community-based approach by launching the Dialogue Communities program. "Our goal is to create an environment where New Brunswickers of all backgrounds feel accepted, valued and understood", says Nadine Duguay-Lemay, CEO of Dialogue NB. "It's important that communities themselves play a leadership role because the 104 municipalities all have their own particular challenges and opportunities. More and more mayors and other local leaders are stepping up and we want to partner with them. We can have the most impact at the community level."

Joining the program comes with a commitment to set objectives of promoting a sense of belonging and trust among the diverse groups within the community while fighting marginalization and exclusion. Communities will appoint a Dialogue Community Leader and form a Social Cohesion Committee tasked with finding ways of overcoming challenges to cohesion in their communities and organizing events that promote it. Dialogue NB will organize annual provincial symposiums for local leaders and provide ongoing support including toolkits, event templates and a visible presence on social media platforms. The recruitment process is underway and several municipalities have already expressed acute interest.