The people we are seeking

  • Have a lot of questions and feel there is no one to answer them
  • Enjoy reflecting, going further and digging deeper into topics that interest them
  • Are enthusiastic and motivated to go further than the status quo
  • Have an original view of society and their contemporaries
  • Would like to "do things" but have never felt comfortable enough to take action
  • Do not fit the usual criteria for "leaders" but intuitively feel that their voice would have an impact if it were heard
  • Are open and listen to others, respect opinions that are different from their own, or are at least able to have a calm discussion.

This is an original initiative, unlike anything that has been done before. In New Brunswick, we want to invent our future and, to do so, we have to let young people be heard. A future free from clichés, preconceptions and conventional models.

Together, let's create an original, inclusive province that will only look like itself, one New Brunswick together.

Do you have the qualities we seek or know people who do? Apply now for yourself or them!

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For inquiries, contact:

Antoine David,
Executive Project Manager
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.