Our Featured Dialogue Leader:

Joselyn O’Connor

Featuring our new Dialogue Leader of the week, Joselyn O’Connor!

Joselyn was nominated because she is a leader of the trans community in New Brunswick. As the person
in charge of UBU / Sois toi-même, she supports a few hundred trans
people and their allies in our province every day. Having led several monthly support groups of all ages, she is showing leadership in helping those in need. Certainly, she is a perfect model of a leader of social cohesion!

Joselyn is also an outstanding educator, having been invited to schools,
businesses and community groups across New Brunswick. In recognition of her work, she was selected to be the Marshal of the Greater Moncton Pride Parade in 2017.

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Nominate a Dialogue Leader:

The purpose of this nomination form is to celebrate the role models who contribute to social cohesion in New Brunswick by championing the principles of harmony and respect in our diverse communities.

Past Dialogue Leaders:

Kenneth Francis

Kenneth has played a key role in placing the Aboriginal Title, and Treaties to the absolute forefront of all Provincial and Federal conversations regarding Mi’kmaq land in Nova-Scotia, New Brunswick, and Quebec. With strong support from Elsipogtog Chief and Council, and the team at Kopit Lodge, he has demonstrated unwavering courage, heart, and strength in his non-compromising stance on the Mi’kmaq Nation’s care taker role for all of Mi’kmaqi.

Taha Maarous

A former student of the Université de Moncton, Taha completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from 2015 until 2018. In fact, his unifying spirit allows him to be the leader he needs to excel in his career. In addition, Taha recently celebrated his 10th year in Canada on January 13, 2019, since he arrived in New Brunswick as an international student. Currently a proud Canadian citizen, his goal is to give back to the community and represent the diversity of our province. The reason he was nominated to be a Dialogue Leader is his sensitivity to incision and the concrete actions he is doing. Bravo Taha !

Florian Euzen

Florian works at the Société Nationale de l’Acadie (SNA), where he is responsible for the cohesion of the four Atlantic Provinces in the fields of immigration, health, education, media and culture. As SNA’s pan-Atlantic coordinator, his unifying personality allows him to bring together many French / Francophone organizations, particularly on the international scene. Indeed, thanks to its efforts, Acadian culture is shining more and more in many parts of the world! Congratulations Florian!

Susy Campos

Susy is an active volunteer in her community. To improve the living conditions for everyone, she is
often involved with non-profit organizations working to contribute to social
cohesion in our province.
In addition, Susy has been chosen to be the Dialogue
Leader representing the City of Moncton for our Dialogue Community initiative.
We are proud to have you with us, Susy!

Marie-Thérèse Landry

Marie-Thérèse Landry, Executive Director of the Provincial Council of Cultural Societies, deserves special mention when it comes to inclusion and social cohesion.
Indeed, she plays an important role in initiating and creating many cultural events in our community. Notably, the Community Theater Festival in Acadie, Écrans Baladeurs, Identity Voyage and many more. Visit their website to learn more: http://www.cpscnb.com/node/35

Alex LeBlanc

Alex is a true champion of diversity.Since being hired, the New Brunswick Multicultural Council (NBMC) has enjoyed phenomenal success in the last 5 years and his reputation is the most credible.He was nominated to be a Dialogue Leader, because his unifying personality is a good illustration of his ability to be an excellent leader!

Clotilde Heibing

Clotilde is an extraordinary leader. Involved in her community, she often helps our organization at community events and activities. In addition, she and her family built their own business, impertinent, whose rare objects not found elsewhere, reflect their extraordinary personalities! Her spirit encourages the people around her to be themselves and to enjoy life as it is! Visit their website by clicking on the following link to learn more: https://impertinent.ca/

Olivier Hussein

Olivier was nominated because he is committed, and he gets involved at the community level. He has volunteered several times for CAFi, l’Odyssée School, at the Université de Moncton, and for the Francophones of New Brunswick. Because of his commitment and community involvement, in September 2017, Olivier is the recipient of the Canada 150 Award in the category of community involvement and youth leadership.

Anika Lirette

Anika is involved in her community through the implementation of her various community projects, such as the Alacenne Theater. It is a theater for youths that has joined in the last years of elementary schools in French, English and First Nations in NB. This is just one of many other contributions Anika gives to her province, which is why she is a leader in dialogue role model!

Susan Levi-Peters and her husband Fabien Peters

Currently living in Elsipogtog First Nation, Susan and her husband are proud members of their community. Every weekend, they prepare a kiosk at the Dieppe Farmers’ market to share the First Nation’s culture. In fact, they were nominated because they both share the desire to expand the knowledge of their culture through social engagement and inclusion.

Sebastien Roy

Having a unifying spirit, Sébastien recently initiated discussions with the business community of the Acadian Peninsula (A.P.) to create a single chamber of commerce of the A.P. instead of having several. He was nominated because his leadership in the community of the A.P. is an excellent example of cooperation to achieve social cohesion.

Saa Andrew

Saa Andrew is the president of the New Brunswick African Association, and also the Executive Director for Battle of the Arts NB. He was nominated because he works every day to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for immigrants in New Brunswick. His goal is to make a positive impact on immigrant youth to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Oscar Baker

We are proud to feature @Oscar Baker as our Dialogue Leader this week! As a reporter, journalist and writer, Oscar devoted his career for the sake of others. He was nominated because he is able to share his experiences in order to show EMPATHY and help people in difficult conditions.

Nathalie Mailhot

Nathalie Mailhot and her family participate in the integration of newcomers by participating in twinning programs.

They are exemplary volunteers in the community.

Monika Kimmel

Originally from Hungary, Monika was taught early on how to work hard to overcome challenges as a newcomer in NB.
Inspired by her experiences and with the intent to give back to the community that helped her with her integration and career, she participated in various events through local organizations to inspire people to achieve their goals. She is a role model for many of us!

Moncef Lakouas

We are proud to feature this week’s Dialogue Leader, @monceflakouas. He is known for his community leadership and his extraordinary sense of inclusion. In his new line of work, he has proven to be open-minded and a visionary, which helps him gather new ideas and people together.

Kevin Curnock

We are proud to feature Kevin Curnock this week as our Dialogue Leader. When he and his wife Michelle (to the left) moved to New Brunswick in 2014, they volunteered through the YMCA to help new comers settle in Saint John, which also contributed to their own settlement in New Brunswick. Tempted to keep helping people in our community, he is now the general manager at @huddletoday where he helps New Brunswick entrepreneurs with hope and ambition to build a stronger economy.

Julie Payer Lafrance

Julie is a leader in community dialogue! She creates opportunities for dialogue between various community partners to forge links to work together. She was nominated because she brings people together in the implementation of various community projects that benefit everyone involved as well as the Kent population.

Khairunnisa Ayutami (Inda) Intiar

We are proud to feature Khairunnisa Ayutami (Inda) Intiar as this week’s Dialogue Leader!

Inda Intiar is the founder of Woven Cultures, and she is involved with multiple organizations that focus on cultural diversity, such as Katimavik. She and her colleagues created programs for students in schools to explain cultural diversity and how to be more welcoming! She was nominated because she is engaged in her community, and she encourages more people to join her to achieve social cohesion!

Gaëtan Thomas

Serving as President and CEO of NB Power since 2010, Gaëtan is driven by his deep connection to customer and employee grassroots. In 2015, 2016 and 2018, he was honoured by Atlantic Business Magazine as one of the Atlantic Region’s Top 50 CEOs. He was nomited because he is a committed industry leader and an agent of change for the well-being of New Brunswick.

Frederic Gionet

We would like to feature Frederic Gionet as a Dialogue Leader!

He strongly supports inclusion, open dialogue with honesty, and integrity. Frederic was nominated because he is community-oriented, and works for the greater good of New Brunswick.

Érika Cantu

We are pleased to feature Érika Cantu as our Dialogue leader of the week. Originally from Brazil, Érika truly believes in the beauty of multiculturalism. This is the main reason she embraces the immigration cause. As a Diversity Champion at United Way since March 2018, she’s been working at the neighborhood level, rebuilding a sense of belonging for our new neighbors and supporting creating a welcoming and inclusive community. 

Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies

As we celebrate Pride week in various communities across the province, we are proud to have Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies Jr. as this week’s Dialogue Leader!

Chief Allan (Chicky) Polchies he is the first openly gay indigenous leader to win the leadership of Saint Mary’s First Nation, a first in Atlantic Canada’s first nations communities. He represents the growing openness of the LGBTQ+ community in other New Brunswick communities.  For the past 10 years, he has organized the annual powwow, mentored groups of Wolastoqiyik youth and founded the Miss Teen St. Mary’s Pageant.  Chief Polchies entered politics to contribute to not only his community but to the whole territory and nation. As he has famously said: a leader is a leader.

Nicole Ozita Melanson

We are pleased to feature yet another one of our 2018 Lieutenant-Governor’s Award recipients, Nicole Ozita Melanson. She is a manager of communications and bilingual services with the City of Moncton. Her duties include monitoring the quality of language in public documents, overseeing the implementation of a five-year action plan on bilingual commercial signage, and managing the municipal official languages policy. Nicole is motivated by her belief in the importance of bilingualism from a cultural, social and economic standpoint, and it is her dream to see the linguistic landscape change. She works to ensure that every resident, visitor and merchant truly and deeply understands the importance of bilingualism and of our cultures coexisting in harmony.

Angelique Reddy-Kalala

We are proud to feature @Angelique Reddy-Kalala as a Dialogue Leader!

Angelique works for the @City of Moncton as their Immigration Strategy Officer, where she helps people integrate and be part of our community. She was nominated because she reflects all values for inclusion and social cohesion through her continuous efforts with the citizens of Moncton, new comers and Canadians.

Alfred Bessawa

Alfred has started a business, @designfromafrica, which features the African culture. They recently branched off into a not for profit group; Woven Cultures which, as the name suggests, aim at woven cultures together in a respectful and harmonious manner. He was nominated because he is contributing to the diversity of cultures, certainly in the Moncton area.

Ahmed Zniber

Ahmed works in the international recruitment sector at the District scolaire Francophone sud. Since the beginning of his career, he has worked to contribute to the inclusion of new students in New Brunswick. He was nominated because he is a champion of diversity and a committed citizen in his community. Congrats Ahmed!