2010 Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award Winners Announced

For Immediate Release - September 9, 2010

(FREDERICTON) – The winners of the 2010 Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award were announced today at a ceremony in Fredericton. The recipients of the annual honour were: Susan Belliveau, Jane Keith and Deborah H. Thomas.

Speaking to guests at Old Government House, the Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick, said: “These three individuals worked tirelessly to promote both of our official languages – not in a heavy-handed way, but with tolerance and compassion to further the understanding of cultures and traditions we share.”

Established in 2003, the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award is given out annually by Dialogue New Brunswick (DNB) – a provincial, non-profit organization that promotes understanding, respect and appreciation between English-speaking and French-speaking citizens of the province.

According to DNB’s executive director, Carole Fournier, recipients are selected by a jury.  “There are many deserving people in this province – many who devote their time and energy to the cause of linguistic and cultural harmony and understanding. This year’s recipients follow in the tradition and lead in their commitment to these principles.”   

In addition to the Lieutenant-Governor’s Dialogue Award, Dialogue New Brunswick organizes and operates the following annual initiatives: The My Friend-Mon ami(e) Pen-pal Program for school-age children, and Friends Meeting Friends! which provides opportunities for New Brunswick’s English-speaking and French-speaking children to directly experience each other’s cultural and linguistic richness and distinctiveness.


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